welcome in your home, in kitchen that resemble you


kitchen dedicated to cocooning, sharing and friendliness


unique spaces, conceived for you, achieved with rigor and precision…




new creation or renovation ?


in the course of a meeting, your desire emerges and takes shape.


your life style, your needs, your wishes define the concept, the main idea and soon the project becomes concrete in perspective, clean lines, ingenious and creative details.


the Agecab team is at your service and will propose a solution adapted to your budget.


flexibility, reactivity, experience and imagination !


for you, all becomes possible, whatever the space available, kitchen mixing latest materials, open or closed, traditional, modern or elegant design.


agecab provides not only careful achievements, but also expert advice in decoration, as well as furniture, lights and accessories.


all this so that harmony can be perfect and that your pleasure blossoms with time.


agecab sàrl

+41 21 661 11 15


route de cossonay 2

CH-1008 prilly